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“By putting BioOne in freshly pumped septic tanks, we get the tanks to operate properly. When the tanks operate properly due to the biological activity in the tank, they produce enough heat to prevent freezing in the winter when there is no snow to protect them.”
Plumber, Wisconsin

“One Biotechnology guarantees us the support that we need and an exclusive product that can’t be stopped. They are second to none in quality control.”
Private Label Customer

“Where can I purchase BioOne? This stuff is great. My drain lines were clogged and now it’s working great!!! I love it!!!”
Homeowner, North Carolina

“A restaurant had water leak into a crawlspace, causing excessive odor. We applied BioOne to the soil are, which significantly reduced the odor. The grease interceptor was in this area as well and also had horrible odors. We applied BioOne to the grease interceptor, and the odor was under control within 20 minutes. After 4 weeks of applying BioOne to these areas, the odor and grease were gone and the crawl space was in great condition.”
Plumber, Ohio

“We used BioOne to eliminate sewage odor from a pump in the homeowner’s basement, and within one week, the odor was completely gone.”
Plumber, Maine

“We had a customer who needed a $5,000 drain field repair. With a DFA BioOne treatment, the problem was fixed, with results noticeable within 3 days. We saved our customer thousands of dollars, and now they make sure that we always supply them with BioOne.”   
Plumber, Kansas

“I don’t need to sell BioOne. I just present it and it sells itself.”
Plumber, Missouri

“We like the EPA/DfE logo on BioOne it means that the product is recognized as safe for us, safe for our technicians and safe for the environment.”
Plumber, Florida

“Our customer received notice from the county to have his septic tank pumped or inspected. We opened the lid and it appeared that the tank was inactive, allowing the material entering his tank to move into his drain field. We added half a bottle of BioOne into the kitchen sink. Within 3 weeks, the septic tank had a functioning scum layer and looked very healthy.”
Plumber, Wisconsin