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Oneco, FL 34264

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One Biotechnology™ prides itself in offering its customers outstanding customer service. In the initial years of One Biotechnology™; our staff was out in the field, servicing commercial kitchen accounts with our microbial products. We also spent a great deal of time in the residential sector, assisting customers with drain line and septic maintenance and drain field rejuvenation. After selling off the service division, One Biotechnology™; now sells the microbial products solely to plumbers, pumpers, and service companies in the plumbing, septic and service industries. These service companies sell the products to the end-users, whether they are residential drain line maintenance or septic maintenance.

Our customers use BioOne ® in service of residential drain lines, septic, and drain field applications. In the commercial kitchen sector, BioOne™ is used for drain line and grease trap maintenance. Because of our background in the service portion of this business, we are uniquely positioned to provide the service technician servicing the homeowner or commercial end-user of our product with all of the necessary material and knowledge to properly advise their customer about the product, its usages and troubleshooting in the field.

We provide on-line training on various applications and subjects to the technician and we have numerous marketing and sales materials available for your use. We provide in-the-field assistance via phone when requested. Your orders are always processed quickly and efficiently. We love our customers and try to assist them and accommodate their needs whenever possible. In return, we have a strong base of loyal customers, whom we thank for their business!