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BioOne Products


BioOne 64 oz. ® is perfect for residential use. Its stable performance-ready formulation of live vegetative cultures and its premeasured cap makes using BioOne ® easy for residential drain lines and septic systems. When used in conjunction with manual drain cleaning, the active microbes colonize in the drain line and eat the gook and slime the cable leaves behind. BioOne ® 64 oz. is packed 6 to a case. Each bottle contains 32 treatments.

BioOne dry ® arrives in a 2 pound canister, which contains up to 100 treatments. To activate, mix warm water and BioOne ® dry (scoop provided) and pour down drain. For septic systems, mix entire canister with warm water and add directly to septic system or flush down toilet. BioOne dry is packed 12 canisters per case. BioOne ® dry contains more active microbes than comparable products, with a higher nutrient base and cleaner carrier.


BioOne ® 2.5 Gallon BioOne ® 2.5 gallon with manual hand pump is ideal for commercial applications. The long tube on the end of the pump makes it convenient for manually treating floor drains, septic systems, and grease traps. BioOne ® 2.5 gallon are packed 2 per case.

BioOne ® Auto-Dispensing-System helps to eliminate costly grease trap related problems which cause slow and stopped drains. The system automatically meters the correct amount of BioOne ® to keep drain lines flowing, improving drain line and grease trap efficiency.

BioOne ® FD comes pre-packaged in our patented bug-in-a-bag technology, 5 gallon tote bag size. The freeze-dried BioOne ® product is hydrated either at the contractor's location or the service site prior to application. This product is a stable product, not a multiplier. It's kept frozen until application, and remains stable for up to 45 days. Also available in 30 and 50 gallon applications, not in a tote bag. Packed 20 bags per case.

BioOne ® DFX is as a multiplier specifically developed for drain field rejuvenation. Keep frozen until hydrated. Use within 24 hours of hydration. Cultures will multiply once applied, for maximum results.

Private Label

Many of our customers come to us for their private label product needs. Private labeling offers a company a high quality, exclusive, environmentally friendly product that advertises your business. For our private label customers, we offer exclusive proprietary formulations with your label and product name. In addition, we provide training programs and technical assistance for your personnel.