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About Us

Our Industries

One Biotechnology™ began by offering state-of-the-art microbial products to the plumbing and septic industries. Initially, One Biotechnology™ not only produced high quality cultured environmental products for residential and commercial use, but also actually serviced the commercial kitchen accounts (see customer service). Later, this portion of the business was sold, but not before One Biotechnology™ developed a strong expertise in drain line problems, and problems unique to commercial kitchens. Today, we use this expertise to train our customers to be the best in the field, both in residential and commercial applications.

Present Day Productions

Now, One Biotechnology™ specializes in the production of patented, live microbial cultures, which have an amazing ability to consume oil and grease. The products are sold to plumbers, contractors, and service organizations who then sell the product to the residential or commercial end-users. These patented products are the best products of their kind in the marketplace today. The liquid BioOne™ product sports the EPA Safer Choice Program logo, recognizing its positive affect on human health and the environment. One Biotechnology™ APPRECIATES ALL OF OUR LOYAL CUSTOMERS. PLEASE LET US KNOW HOW WE CAN ASSIST YOU!!!